The Award-Winning Handbook of Road Ecology

The efforts of the 100 plus authors was recently recognized in both Europe and the USA as the Handbook of Road Ecology recently won two awards in 2016.

The first was from the Infra-Eco Network of Europe, where the book was awarded the 2016 Project Award, recognizing the high quality of the contributions to road ecology research and practice in Europe and globally. The nomination for the award was very complimentary: “With a global coverage and beautifully done, the Handbook of Road Ecology connects current scientific knowledge and practical requirements to address the pressing issues of transportation infrastructure development. The book has 114 authors from over 25 countries. Rodney van der Ree and his co-editors Daniel Smith and Clara Grilo brought together the world’s leading researchers, academics, practitioners and transportation agency personnel to present the current status of the ecological sustainability of the linear infrastructure. The success of the book has been impressive and it is a very inspiring book that is attracting more people to the field of road ecology. It simply is by far the best book ever written in this field.”

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The second award was the from The Wildlife Society and recognizes the Handbook of Road Ecology as an “outstanding publication in wildlife ecology and management” in the Edited Book section. More info available here:

As editors, we would like to acknowledge all our chapter authors for the generous contribution of their time, effort, knowledge and experience. It was a truly collaborative effort, and the award should really be shared amongst all of us!